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One of several wikis (and many other websites of varying usefulness) covering the Voynich Manuscript (VM) - which is claimed to be 'the most mysterious document in the world.' Research indicates that the document, which appears to have been written as a whole (though possibly by more than one author/scribe), has meaningful context.


The intention is to be inclusive of VM-related topics, and to deal primarily with matters relating to the VM itself:

  • How it was created, including the materials used.
  • Analysis of the text/script/images.
  • Putting the VM in its historical context (whether the time of its creation - which has been dated to the early-mid 15th century, or its known or supposed owners thereafter, and since its rediscovery in 1912).
  • Persons known to be involved with the manuscript (including some wider bibliographic details, especially if relevant to the central theme of the wiki).
  • Any other topics that have a direct bearing on the above points which fall within the remit of this wiki (rather than the slightly more general coverage of the other Voynich wiki here).

New pages/discussion topics within the field of the wiki are welcome - but will be checked for appropriateness (though the intention is to be more inclusive if possible).

'General wiki rules' apply - with direct contributions being allowed (if appropriately written).

A number of other closely related topics are also covered briefly for reference.

Discussions on particular aspects, particular theories and what Wikipedia would regard as Original Research are welcome. However, 'this is a wiki and subject to the usual changes' (however quiet it often is) - so it may be more appropriate to have a brief description here and provide a link to a given website. Theories should be reasonably fully worked out, and discussion on them on this website should follow general Wiki guidelines.

Descriptions of translations should placed at at Voynich Manuscript translation discussions rather than 'a random page on the Wiki' (unless, of course, there is an actual/relevant connection) Such translations should consist of more than 'a few words' and reflect the context in which the VM appears to have been created.

Links to other, related, wikis are welcome (but will be checked).

The Voynich Manuscript wiki [1] covers the wider historical aspects and other "obscure documents" and related topics.

Rules for the Wiki[]

The standard rules of engagement here apply: contributions should also be relevant to the wiki.

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