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This is a list of websites on topics which, while not directly connected to the Voynich Manuscript itself, are likely to be of some interest or use to those researching it and its context. Effective duplicates of the Wikipedia page (of which there are a number, not always of the current page) etc are not included.

Additions are welcome - but will be checked for relevance.

  • Elonka's List [1]
  • ISO 15924 Codes for the representation of names of scripts.
  • ISO 639-2 Codes for the representation of names of languages — Part 2: Alpha-3 code

A wiki on the Angelical Language of Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly is here [2].

The Mysteries of Writing website, in English and French, is [3]

The Wikipedia page on astrological symbols is [4] and on Manuscripts [5].

The Medieval Marginalia wiki has been deleted.

  • Voynichese website [6]

All websites checked September 2021.

  • Languedoc mysteries page [7].

Useful terms[]

Incunable - a printed document printed before the year 1501 - the Wikipedia page is [8]. Printing was established in Europe within a few years of the VM being created.

A paragram is a form of wordplay in which one or several of the letters in a word is altered to form another word.

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